Andrew Fraser (Farmer), Te Awamutu

Andrew FraserI have been using humates now on my farm in Te Awamutu for at least 7 years and I am very happy in doing so.

There are numerous reasons why I continue to use humates in my base fertiliser mixes including noticing the benefit in good and extended root growth in my pasture along with decreased nitrate levels found. Humate is easy to spread and is compatible with all the fert that we apply here on the farm. The pasture does not dry out as much during the dry periods as the humates seem to hold the moisture that little bit longer.

Fertco have been supplying me with all my fertiliser requirements for the last 15 years and I am more than happy with the recommendations that they provide. The answer lies in the soil and they have certainly managed to improve and maintain my excellent soil fertility levels which have also contributed to better animal health and conditioning.

Andrew Fraser
Pokuru Road
Te Awamutu