AusMate 25kgAvailable in 25kg, half ton and 1 ton bags.

This humate is sourced from the Gippsland basin in South East Victoria, Australia. It can be mixed with products such as urea, lime or existing fertiliser combinations but we primarily recommend it for broadcast spreading.

Widely regarded as a premier source of organic matter, humate contains up to 67% carbon. Humates also contain slow-release Humic and Fulvic Acids, which are renowned for their capacity for nutrient release and improving soil structure while helping to maximise the benefits of applied fertilisers.

AusMate is recognized as the most effective of all soil conditioners. Humates play a direct role in determining the production potential of a soil. In soils void of significant quantities of clay minerals and organic matter, the addition of humates can have an impact on soil fertility which may be noticeable in the form of improved plant growth.

It is designed to work ‘in the soil’ and is perfect for soil rehabilitation and extending the impact of fertiliser that is subsequently applied. Rainfall or irrigation is required to work it into the soil.

Apply between 100 – 300 kilos per hectare. Click here for more detailed information on spread rates.

BioGro Certified
BioGro certified.