Fulvic Express

Fulvic Express70

Fulvic Express 25kgAvailable in 5kg and 25kg bags.

The fulvic has been extracted out of the humates using potassium hydroxide and it is available as a ready to use liquid or as a powder that you can make up yourself.

This product is ideally suited for use with liquid fertilisers as it speeds the uptake of fertiliser by plants. Adding Fulvic Express70 enables leaves to absorb the essential minerals and fertiliser easier. 90% of crop weight comes from the leaves through photosynthesis and you can get minerals and fertilisers more quickly into leaves if it is sprayed on.


Fulvic Express Liquid

Fulvic Express 20 LitreAvailable in 5, 20, 200 and 1000 Litres.

Fulvic Express Liquid is suitable for use directly as a foliar fertiliser or with other water-soluble NPK fertilisers as a chelating agent. This can be applied to plants during the growing season to quickly correct major and micro-nutrient deficiency. Fulvic Express liquid is compatible with all commonly used fungicide and insecticide sprays. It can also be used in conjunction with Glyphosphate in weed control. Mix 1 litre of Fulvic Express liquid per 100 litres water / halve Glyphosate label rates and get 40% more extension of knockdown length before regrowth occurs.

Apply as a foliar spray at 5 litres per hectare up to 5 times per growing season. Click here for more detailed information on spread rates.