Matthew Clarke, Clarke Dairies Ltd, Waikato

Matthew Clarke, Clarke Dairies Ltd, WaikatoMatthew Clarke of Clarke Dairies Ltd - 160,000 milk solids.

Matthew and his father Bruce farm 130 hectares - milking 450 friesian cows near Walton in the Waikato.

Matthew and Bruce grow 22 hectares of maize for maize silage, on two blocks 8 and 14 hectares. Over the last two seasons the Clarke's have included raw humates in their maize base mixes, along with Fertco dicalcic phosphate, potassium, magnesium, salt, boron, selenium and nitrogen.

Matthew is very pleased with his crops and believes his maize stood out during the last two 'dry' seasons.
The fertiliser is chiseled plowed in before drilling, the makes for an excellent seed bed.

Once positive thing seen from using the correct fertiliser mixes (including humates) is the quality of the new grasses after the maize crops have been harvested.

Top quality ryegrass and clover - a good soil structure and earthworm population ensure good animal health and production for the future.

Maize shown end of December 2013
Maize shown end of December 2013