Nitrogen Express

Nitrogen Express 20 LitreAvailable in 20, 200 and 1000 Litres.

Nitrogen Express is designed to increase the nitrogen levels of postharvest kiwifruit vines over winter to assist in next season’s crop establishment. Fulvic acid is nature’s own chelator, speeding up the active intake process and ensuring optimum nitrogen transfer.

Nitrogen Express is also an easy and effective way to increase the nitrogen levels in pasture at a time when this is required the most.

The Fulvic Acid is the key: By adding Fulvic Acid into the mix it ensures that the Nitrogen is taken well into the plant through the leaf and then holds it until the plant requires it.

Nitrogen Express will not leach through the soil contaminating waterways etc. and is environmentally friendly.

Apply 4 times per season at 20 – 30 litres per application. Click here for more detailed information on spread rates.