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Growth Express Ltd is a biological agriculture specialist company which have for the past 10 years been providing on-farm consultations, soil and farm observation and analysis, soil test perusal and product recommendation in discussion with the farmer or horticulturist. We offer a delivery service in certain circumstances, and if required for liquid products we have the equipment to spray pasture ourselves with our small imprint spray truck, or we have purpose built spray trailers which farmers or horticulturists can hire to spray their own.

Growth Express Ltd have been using HuMate products for a number of years now, in conjunction with Agrifert and other products. We regularly recommend TriMate liquid humates and KiwiMate solid humates to our clients, and see constant success and very satisfied customers with both of these products.

TriMate mixes well with liquid fish and seaweed fertilisers, liquid or slurry lime and trace elements. The fulvic acid with its small molecule helps to take the other products into the plant, feeds the mycorrizhal to extend root pick up area, and the humic acid and humins help build carbon and humus in the soil. Farmers who use solid fertilisers find KiwiMate easy to use, either by mixing with mainstream fertilisers at source or by spreading with their own equipment .

HuMates build humus, pick-up, drainage, plant vigour and give plants a better chance to weather droughts better and recover sooner. They hold nutrients in the soil solution and distribute them to the plant when the plant requires them. They are one of our main ingredients for great results.
Growth Express Ltd will continue to recommend and apply HuMates in their various forms as they have proven their worth on a large variety of our farming and horticulture client properties.

Colin & June Webb
GROWTH EXPRESS LTD (Growth Express Ltd is a NZ HuMates wholesaler)

Growth Express Ltd recommends HuMates
Growth Express Ltd recommends HuMates (click on image to enlarge)

Waiata Farms - September 2013

Waiata Farms recommend KiwiMateAs KiwiMate is a solid product, I can mix it easily with other solids and apply them together.
I find this really easy to manage as I spread all my own fertiliser.
The service I receive from Colin & June of Growth Express is always really good. They take an interest in the farm and really know the products they sell.

“I recommend KiwiMate and Growth Express Ltd (Growth Express Ltd is a NZ HuMates wholesaler).”

Waiata Farms recommend KiwiMate

Matthew Clarke, Clarke Dairies Ltd, Waikato

Matthew Clarke, Clarke Dairies Ltd, WaikatoMatthew Clarke of Clarke Dairies Ltd - 160,000 milk solids.

Matthew and his father Bruce farm 130 hectares - milking 450 friesian cows near Walton in the Waikato.

Matthew and Bruce grow 22 hectares of maize for maize silage, on two blocks 8 and 14 hectares. Over the last two seasons the Clarke's have included raw humates in their maize base mixes, along with Fertco dicalcic phosphate, potassium, magnesium, salt, boron, selenium and nitrogen.

Matthew is very pleased with his crops and believes his maize stood out during the last two 'dry' seasons.
The fertiliser is chiseled plowed in before drilling, the makes for an excellent seed bed.

Once positive thing seen from using the correct fertiliser mixes (including humates) is the quality of the new grasses after the maize crops have been harvested.

Top quality ryegrass and clover - a good soil structure and earthworm population ensure good animal health and production for the future.

Maize shown end of December 2013
Maize shown end of December 2013

Andrew Fraser (Farmer), Te Awamutu

Andrew FraserI have been using humates now on my farm in Te Awamutu for at least 7 years and I am very happy in doing so.

There are numerous reasons why I continue to use humates in my base fertiliser mixes including noticing the benefit in good and extended root growth in my pasture along with decreased nitrate levels found. Humate is easy to spread and is compatible with all the fert that we apply here on the farm. The pasture does not dry out as much during the dry periods as the humates seem to hold the moisture that little bit longer.

Fertco have been supplying me with all my fertiliser requirements for the last 15 years and I am more than happy with the recommendations that they provide. The answer lies in the soil and they have certainly managed to improve and maintain my excellent soil fertility levels which have also contributed to better animal health and conditioning.

Andrew Fraser
Pokuru Road
Te Awamutu

Mount Manaia Bowling Club, Northland - 20th January 2012

I first read about “Humate” in the Northern Advocate newspaper. The information in the article was interesting and gave me the idea that perhaps Humate could be used on our bowling green to some advantage especially as it is a natural fertilizer (ancient compost) I liked the idea of using such a product.

Our bowling green has only about 40mm of topsoil over yellow Northland clay which makes keeping a good cover of Starweed difficult. (Mixed with the Starweed is some cotula maniototo and dioca)

With permission from the committee we initially purchased a tonne of Humate and applied that, mixed with soil, when the April renovation of the green was carried out.
After a month or so we could see that the winter growth was ahead of time and the whole green was looking better than normal. The strong growth continued throughout the playing season with good cover over the whole green.

The green keeper was pleased and now continues to apply Humate at renovation times. He says that using Humate has been the main reason for the green being one of the best greens in the Northland area. This is borne out by the very favourable comments from visiting bowlers.

Peter Cromwell
Mount Manaia Bowling Club.
20th January 2012