TriMate 20 LitreAvailable in 20, 200 and 1000 Litres.

HuMate TriMate is our unique liquid humate that contains the three main ingredients of humate: Carbon, Fulvic and Humic. As well as feeding beneficial organisms in the soil, TriMate reduces the amount of water required for crop production.

HuMate Trimate is a ready to use liquid humate product, being a premier source of organic matter containing up to 67% carbon, Fulvic and Humic acids. This high quality product is derived from our Australian humate using a process based on methodology from Russia, where the benefits of humates were first noticed.

Most liquid humates products are acid extracted using a chemical process - ours is a totally natural and environmentally friendly process which is why it is Bio-Gro registered - Reg. No. 4769.

TriMate can be mixed with dry fertilisers or liquid fertilisers for spraying straight onto the underside of foliage, where absorption takes place but we primarily recommend it as a foliar spray by itself for improving the health and growth of plants.

Apply as a ground spread at 10 - 20 litres per hectare, up to 5 times per season. Click here for more detailed information on spread rates.

BioGro Certified
BioGro certified.