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How Fulvic Acid enhances the effect of Glyphosate 360

Fulvic Express Liquid, when mixed in with glyphosate speeds up delivery of the herbicide into the plants root system and stores it. This is achievable due to the small molecule size of the fulvic which enables it to enter easily through the stomata of the leaf and pull in with it whatever it is mixed with — in this case glyphosate. Fulvic acid increases and aids the transportation of glyphosate, which is a systemic product, into the root system. The presence of fulvic acid in the soil profile along with glyphosate further suppresses re-growth up to twice as long as glyphosate alone.


NZ Humates conducted trials with Karin Watson of Biological Culturing & Research Ltd to measure the impact Fulvic Express liquid has when combined with Glyphosate 360, on weed kill, re-growth suppression, and herbicide application.

The Method

Multiple applications regimes were trialled with varying percentages of Fulvic Express Liquid mixed with Glyphosate 360. A control application with only Glyphosate 360 was also trialled.



The best results were achieved with a mix of 70% Glyphosate and 30% Fulvic Express Liquid. The weed kill after 4 weeks for the Fulvic Express Liquid and Glyphosate 360 mix was the same as the Glyphosate 360 only mix, and after 6 weeks both treatments resulted in a 100% weed kill.
What’s really impressive is the effect on re-growth. The Fulvic Express Liquid and Glyphosate 360 mix resulted in re-growth at 50% the rate of Glyphosate 360 alone. In other words the addition of Fulvic Expess Liquid with your herbicide can result in re-growth suppression for twice as long.

What is Fulvic Acid?

  •  Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring substance which is extracted from raw humate.
  • The small molecules in fulvic acid are easily taken up by plants roots, stems and leaves.
  • This allows fulvic acid to act as a carrier of trace minerals and substances into plant cells.
  • Fulvic Acid is the most natural non toxic chelating product available.
  • Fulvic Acid can be added safely to foliar sprays and herbicides increasing their uptake and efficiency.


Simply put, whether you are a farmer looking to extend your weed kill and reduce the application of toxic herbicides, or a spraying contractor looking for a competitive advantage and an opportunity to grow your business, over one year the increased efficiency in weed regrowth suppression equates to massive savings.

Benefits include

  • Increased herbicide efficiency.
  • Saves time by supressing regrowth for up to twice as long.
  • Saves money by reducing normal herbicide application rates by
    30% and supplementing with Fulvic Express Liquid.
  • Savings on labour and fuel.
  • Reduces the volume of toxic herbicides in your soil profile and waterways.

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