Humate – the world’s oldest form of compost

Our story

Our company is born in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Three kiwifruit growers exploring soil enhancing technologies combined with a leading Russian plant biologist and together we established NZ Humates in 2006. We are proud to be one of the first companies to bring humates to New Zealand. Enthusiastic and commercially minded family members have since come on board and now we are leading the drive to improve the quality of our soils, enhance yields and nutritional value for farmers, and reduce our impact on the environment.  It’s a perfect combination really, and we’re extremely proud to be another innovative New Zealand company playing our part in providing higher quality food to the people and reducing humanity’s carbon footprint.


Our vision

We are committed to a world where farmers get the best out of their land, where soils and plants are rich in nutrients, where waterways are brought back to life through the containment of nitrates, and where CO2 is captured from the atmosphere and stored in the earth.

NZ HuMates is working to achieve all of this by combining our access to some of the highest quality humates in the Southern Hemisphere with revolutionary new soil technologies.