How to purchase

We sell through wholesalers and to individual purchasers

SELLERS and advice

We primarily sell wholesale through Fertco, PGG Wrightson and Farmlands. Our liquid products are often made fresh and will need to be ordered into store – you won’t find them on the shelf. These companies are generally happy to mix humate with your usual fertiliser order.

If you are an existing customer that has been dealing with us directly, you can continue to do so – please get in touch!

We welcome enquiries from fertiliser companies, consultants, spreaders and farm suppliers. We are pleased to receive enquiries from existing clients, whether they be individual farmers, orchardists, horticulturalists and croppers.

Fertiliser companies are welcome to try our products, mix with your existing products, or add them to your range of products.

When you contact us we will discuss all your requirements and offer the exceptional subject knowledge advice and application approaches.


We will aim to ship your order within 24 hours; please allow several days for delivery. Delivery can be made to your local depot or directly to your farm. We will shop around among the different freight companies to find you the cheapest price.

Contact us



    Fertco (
    Phone: 0800 FERTCO (0800 337 826)

    Farmlands (
    Phone: 0800 200 600

    PGG Wrightson (
    0800 10 22 76