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Skyrocket your yields and soil quality

Since 2006, Fred Harvey Director of New Zealand Humates has seen increasing interest from farmers and growers in the organic space looking at humic products to improve soil biology and nutrient uptake.

Humates is a completely natural and organic substance, rich in carbon, humic and fulvic acids; says Fred which is perfect for building up soil organic matter and is widely regarded by agronomists as one of the most important factors in building soil fertility.

Julia Uffindell & Fred Harvey of NZ Humates
Julia Uffindell & Fred Harvey of NZ Humates

“Humic material has the ability to assist natural fertiliser applications become more efficient and boost dry matter growth. It can assist in reducing and controlling the leaching of nutrients which are more readily held in the soil for uptake as the plant requires them” Fred said.

“One of our most widely used products in the organics sector, referred to as “the miracle mineral”, is our BioGro certified Fulvic Express Liquid. It has an extremely high CEC of about 1400 which increases the bioactivity and transportation of chelated nutrients and minerals to the plant and allows products such a seaweed and fish to be better utilised in the soil. Fulvic is so powerful that one Fulvic molecule is capable of carrying up to 60 or more minerals and trace elements into plant cells.  It is also a super food for soil bacteria and fungi.”

“Another product is Nitrogen Express Liquid which has been designed to extend the life of the nitrogen and allows more nitrogen to be taken up more effectively by the plant – perfect for those looking to reduce their nitrogen applications on the farm.”

The team at New Zealand Humates is looking forward to being back at the National Fieldays this year. Pop along to their stand at PB29 in the pavilion to talk to one of their experts about how their range of products can help you achieve your farming goals.

This article was published in the Coast and Country News page 6. Click here 


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