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Humic Supreme Liquid

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Humates play a vital role in soil fertility and plant nutrition. Plants grown on soil which contain adequate humates are subject to less stress, are healthier, produce higher yields and the nutritional quality of feeds are superior.

One could say when it was discovered that soluble acidic based N, P, K fertilisers could stimulate plant growth humates were forgotten. The continued use of these acidic fertilisers has decreased humic substances in the soil. Giving a higher priority to soil humus and humates is a must to improve soil condition and yields.

Humic Supreme Liquid is a highly condensed concentrate of humic acid used to enhance the uptake of biologically active plant nutrients while helping to control leaching of nutrients. It can be successfully used on all agricultural, horticultural, landscape and gardens.

Benefits of Humic Supreme include:

  • Derived from humate, which is regarded as a premier source of organic matter, containing up to 67% carbon.
  • Enhances nutrient holding and cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soil, increasing plant take up of iron, copper, zinc and manganese when required.
  • Enhances the take up of biologically active plant ingredients while helping to control the leaching of nutrients, carbon and nitrates.
  • Rich in organic matter, thereby enhancing soil organic matter and micro biological activity.
  • Contains quantities of trace minerals and vitamins providing energy for plant growth
  • Increases water holding capacity of soil providing drought resistance and better crops in reduced water conditions
  • Breaks up unproductive clay soils turning them into fertile soil
  • Helps to retain water-soluble inorganic fertilisers releasing them as and when the plant requires
  • Stimulates seed germination and viability, root respiration, formation and growth
  • Fosters improved drainage and aeration of the soil
  • Can increase the protein and mineral contents of crops
  • Helps to produce thicker, greener and healthier crops

Application Rates

Pasture or Horticulture Ground: 10L / ha up to 5 applications per season
Horticulture Crops: 10L / ha apply as soil drench every 4-5 weeks starting late Sept to Feb
Adding to Lime: 10-15L when using lime slurry
Forage, Brassicas, Wheat: 2L-5L / ha broadcast apply prior to planting
Maize & Row Crops: 2L-3L / has dribble into seed furrow before planting
Pip, Stone & Citrus Fruit: 10L / ha apply 3-4 weeks before bud burst and repeat in February
Kiwfruit & Grapevines: 10L / ha apply 3-4 weeks before bud burst and repeat in February
Turf: 5L-10L / ha apply in spring and repeat in February

Caution: Can be compatible with trace nutrients for ground spray but incompatible with liquid calcium nitrate, phosphate fertilisers and sulphate-based trace elements – use Fulvic Express Liquid with these products.

Can stain fruit or foliage avoid spraying prior to harvest.