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Fulvic Express Liquid

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Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is a term that every farmer should be aware of, it’s the measure of the soil’s ability to hold positively charged ions. It influences soil structure, nutrient availability, soil pH and the soil’s reaction to fertilisers.

Fulvic acid has an extremely high CEC of about 1400. In comparison, healthy soil has a CEC of 30-35. The higher the CEC the higher the holding capacity of the soil.

When used in conjunction with your fertiliser program Fulvic Express Liquid binds onto your applied nutrients retaining it in the soil and increasing the bioavailability of nutrients thus allowing the plant to utilise the nutrients as and when required, maximising the benefits of your fertiliser applications.

Fulvic Express Liquid works to dissolve minerals and trace elements turning them into readily absorbable bio-available forms and is capable of transporting chelated nutrients through plant cell walls. It contains extremely complex molecules which are biologically active benefiting both soil microbes and plants.

Using Fulvic Express Liquid can significantly improve your soil quality, increase your plant growth and nutrient content, lower your fertiliser costs and decrease nitrogen and carbon leaching.

Benefits of Fulvic Express Liquid include

  • BioGro certified, AsureQuality approved input and Zespri approved product
  • Excellent product to increase nutrient uptake into the plant
  • Can significantly improve your soil quality
  • Reduces fertiliser leaching saving you money in fertiliser applications
  • Increased plant energy
  • Increases bioactivity of nutrients and minerals
  • Helps to rebuild the plants immune system
  • Stimulates plant metabolism
  • Enhance cell division and cell elongation
  • Helps to increase drought tolerance and prevent wilting
  • Assist nitrification by microbes
  • Has symbiotic relationship with mycorrhizal fungi
  • Easily binds or chelates minerals such as Fe, Ca, Cu & Zn
  • Suitable for use directly as a foliar fertiliser or with other water-soluble NPK fertilisers as a chelating agent.
  • Compatible with all commonly used fungicide and insecticide sprays. It can also be used in conjunction with Glyphosate to enhance weed control

Application Rates

Note: Add Fulvic Express to water before adding nutrients

  • Foliar Spray: 5 L/ha up to 6 applications per season
  • Adding to liquid fertiliser: 5L/ha
  • Vegetables: 2L – 5L / ha apply with water-soluble nutrients 4-6 weeks apart
  • Forage, Brassicas & Wheat: 2L – 5L / ha apply with water-soluble nutrients 4-6 weeks apart
  • Maize & Row Crops: 2L – 5L / ha apply with water-soluble nutrients 4-6 weeks apart
  • Pip, Stone & Citrus Fruit Trees: 2L-3L / ha Apply 2-3 weeks after leaf break and with every foliar app
  • Kiwifruit & Grapevines: Apply 2L – 3L / ha 3-4 weeks after leaf break and with every foliar application. For leaf breakdown with 5L / ha with water only
  • Turf: 5L / ha in spring and repeat as necessary with foliar sprays
  • Glyphosate: 1-2L / ha and 30ml / 15L knapsack