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Nitrogen Express Liquid

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Nitrogen Express Liquid is an easy and effective way to increase the nitrogen levels safely in soil, pasture and plants at a time when this is required most. The inclusion of fulvic acid ensures that nitrogen is held in the soil until required and taken well into the plant through the leaf.

Benefits of Nitrogen Express include

  • Allows nitrogen compounds to naturally be released over the entire growing season
  • Controls the flow of nitrogen into the plant and stores it until required by the plant
  • Helps to reduce nitrogen leaching
  • Helps aminization and ammonification
  • Nitrogen Express contains amino acids, the most nitrogenous substances in living organisms

Application Rates

20-30lt/HA in 1000L water                 Foliar Spray

Application are best in cooler weather and water rates will vary according to crop type growth stage and area, above application rate is a guideline only.