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HuMate Trimate Liquid

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Humus in the soil is a key component to soil health and structure.  Without humus, soils would be largely unproductive and merely increasing the amount of conventional fertiliser would soon reach the point of diminishing returns.

Humate is a naturally occurring humic substance that was formed over millions of years by the decomposition of prehistoric plant matter and is a premier source of organic matter containing about 67% carbon, fulvic and humic acids.

HuMate Trimate is a ready to use liquid humate product that contains the three main ingredients of humate: carbon, humic and fulvic. It can significantly improve your soil quality, increase water holding capacity and oxygen flow of your soil, enhance plant growth and fruit nutrient content, while decreasing nitrogen leaching and retaining nitrogen in the soil.


  • Excellent product for building overall soil health
  • Can significantly increase your soil biology and soil structure
  • Helps to increase soil organic matter leading to increased microbiological activity in the soil, deeper root systems and healthier plants
  • Assists in the mobilisation and transportation of metal ions and enhanced CEC bringing more iron, copper, manganese and zinc into the plant when required
  • Helps to increase water holding capacity and oxygen flow of your soil
  • Enhances plant growth and fruit nutrient content
  • Helps to reduce nitrogen leaching and retain nitrogen in the soil
  • BioGro certified

Caution: HuMate Trimate may stain fruit and vegetables – use Fulvic Express in this instance

Product may settle agitation may be required. Rinse spraying equipment when finished.

Application Rates:

Ground Spray: 10-20 L / ha

Adding to Liquid Lime: 10 L /ha if required

May be applied up to 5 times per season